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SHS Class of 1993: Springfield, Illinois
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February '03: Nick Hall sends mad updates on Tyler Defend, Andy Hall, Matt Singer, Josh Flanders, and Alex Mosoiu. Some photos are below:

Andy Hall and his lady Michiko chillin' in Japan (click photo to see lady!)

Tyler Defend and his blushing bride!

Alex Mosoiu, Matt Singer, and Nick Hall, from Tyler's wedding in '02

November '02: Mark O. Roberts III has pledged to donate two full cases of black and red party beads for the reunion. He is the founder of Put these around your neck and watch the party REVVVV UUUUPPP!!!

August '02: Tami Moriconi (Walcher) and her family. (zoom in)

December '01: Matt Suchomski and Jenny Kiaschko say cheese during a mini holiday reunion. Jenny has now (8/02) moved to Chicago for a new teaching job (formerly a teacher at our very own SHS). Matt Suchomski is making movies in Manhattan.

May '02: Hey, look who just got married! Becci Dale (well, now Becci Anderson) and her man Bill got hitched near Springfield and now live in Arizona. Congrats! (pic 1) (pic 2)

May '02 : John Nelson -- Karate Champ and Poet. Tough, yet sensitive. Look, I just found his website!

Oct '01 : Ben Culli's new baby!
Dorothy Schmadeke's Wedding, Summer, 1999
  Dec '02 : (below) Kwame Curtis sends this link regarding how he helps those who stand too close to the big jets.
Kwame Curtis

August '02 : (above) Conrad Noll IV interviewing witnesses to a car crash in Afghanistan.
September '01 :(links below) Conrad Noll IV takes his law degree to the skies. Conrad falling from a plane (jpg)
Conrad's Gang (jpg)
Conrad taking a flying leap (jpg)
Conrad and a close friend (jpg)

Beth Burgett and children.  Click for larger image.
July '02: Beth Burgett sends in this photo of her with her children "In order from oldest to youngest is Otto, Erin and Rhiannon."

Sep '01: Springfield is represented in the San Francisco Bay Area at Renee's Bday BBQ by (from left) Renee Fluery, Josh Jacobson, Chandra Olson, and '94 Nathan Tonnies.

Feb '02 : Layla Olin gives a big shot out to all the SHS homies and sends a link to a website created by herself and her sister, Felicia.

Josh Jacobson, Andrew Buzza, Greg Volle, Conrad Noll, and David Metnick, meet in Chicago, October, 1999 (click for photo)
March 14 '01 : Dave Metnick discovers his family's gift to society.
Feb '01 : Josh somehow got roped into doing yet another gratis SHS t-shirt. This is almost EIGHT YEARS after graduating. What's next -- Logan man returns to morning announcements?

SHS '93 Current Information (send updates to
Name hilighted names have web pages. If married, new last name in () Other School
Working Now at: Big News E-Mail last updated
Bartolomucci, Amy Lincoln Land and Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville 8/02 - "I ... took classes in Social Work took time off and going back to finish my degree in Social Work. Currently working for District #186" 8/02
Bashwiner, David Cornell
TA @NO University of Illinois
TA in music comp 10/3/00
Boyer, Kris  
Brannin, Julie and Washington University School of Medicine master's program in physical therapy 9/01 - "I moved to Conway, Arkansas (just outside of Little Rock)about a year ago to take a job as an outpatient physical therapist. Not married yet, no kids or anything. I've been getting into some triathalons, but not too seriously." 9/26/01
Brown, Keisha (Jackson) Alabama A&M Univ. 1997 Wyeth Pharmaceuticals- Birmingham, AL Married Bobby Jackson 1997. Two daughters Taylor-4 and
Kennedy-1 9/02
Broyles, Molly (Chapman)     Daughter -- Emma '00    
Burgett, Beth (McLean)   "I do live in Springfield now after taking a 7 year trip around the country." 6/02 - "3 kids, Otto (5) Erin (4) from my first husband who died in '99 and a daughter Rhiannon (9 months) from my husband Gideon who's a bona fide Australian." 6/30/02
Buzza, Andrew University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point  
Clay, Toya Yale Undergrad, Harvard MD "After completing medical school, [she] plans to train in psychiatry
to practice, conduct research, and influence policy in the fields
of addiction and trauma." (from this PDF) (photo)
Cooper, William working on a Ph.D. in Cognitive Neuroscience (University of Texas at Dallas) 10/25/00
Culli, Ben Concordia University, River Forest works for Hal Leonard, near Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Married to Heather Klatt(now Culli)
daughter Rachel born 7/11/01
Curtis, Kwame University of Missouri
Illinois State UniversityMaster's in Audiology
"I now work for the Government, namely the Air Force in the biggest hospital in the military in San Antonio." 8/02
Dale, Becci (Anderson) University of Oregon   Married to Bill Anderson, May 2002 8/02
Daniels, Matt University of Illinois in Springfield        
Davis, Gino     rumor : owns apts in Spfld   11/30/00
Defend, Tyler   "living in Chicago, and is an actuarial accountant for <insert name of Insurance company here, I forget> and got married last summer to a very nice girl named Ellen" -- Nick Hall 2/03
Dirksen, Libby (DuVall) (Masters') Reading Specialist Ball-Chatham School District Getting Married March 24, 2001 to Michael DuVall (SHG) 11/02
Dickson, Starr   As an extra in LA (Ventura)      
Dobson, Michelle Midwestern University Certified Physician Assistant married Eric George    
Doby, Kara (Cooper), 5/8/01
Farr, De Anna   Telecommunications/ Illinois State Police
Springfield Communications Center, living in Springfield. 2/03
Figus, Steve Dabbled in UofMaryland AT&T Engineer in Seattle, WA 2/17/01
Flanders, Josh   "Josh Flanders got a BS/CS and is living in Portland, OR working for the state as a programmer, and going to grad school at OGI" -- Nick Hall     2/03
Fleury, Ren*e Northern Illinois University & Johnson & Wales Culinary Livin' in San Francisco Bay Area, working as chef 2/14/02
Glossop, Amanda Millikin University '97 Accounting business analyst at Duke Energy in Charlotte, NC  
Good, Melissa Indiana University  
Green, Doug University of Illinois "He just bought a house in Champoo-banana and works as a telephone repair man or some shit for Ameritech. His girlfriend is a hottie." -- Papia 12/29/01
Griffin, Heather          
Gruebel, Alison Indiana University Clinic coordinator for Internal Medicine at UNC Hospital (Chapel Hill, NC) 10/6/00
Andy Hall University of Illinois "Andy is living in Tokyo doing webdesign for a firm called Panache" -- Nick Hall     2/03
Hall, Nick University of Illinois " I'm living in Portland, OR, doing tech support for a company called NetIQ" 2/03
Havenar, Jacob (Big Jake) ASU in 2000 with a master's in counseling psychology "Right now I'm working in marketing for a company in Scottsdale AZ and am starting a consulting business in December with a good friend of mine. Single, no kids. My little bro (you remember Ethan) is living in Hollywood with his girl working on the Judge Judy show." 4/5/02
Hosea, Paul Concordia University, River Forest Now works at Lexis and lives in Springfield 10/26/00
Hrenko, Sarah Elementary School Teacher Married to John Brillhart (as of June 17 '01)    
Jacobson, Joshua Stanford University S0NY 2/14/02
Jenveja, Priya University of Illinois, then Northwestern University Law School Law firm in downtown Chicago  
Johnson, Dustin University of Illinois, Springfield (b.s. biology) "Forensic Scientist with the Illinois State Police, in which I specialize in investigating Firearms & Toolmarks related work out of Morton (Peoria)."   (not available) 1/2003
Kiaschko, Jenny University of Illinois Math Teacher
Springfield High School!!!! (and Cheerleader Advisor) 10/5/00
Kispersky, Annika Southern Illinois University '97 PR Associate @NO Stan Rosenfield PR (6/00), Los Angeles, CA 9/1/00
Lenser, Scott University of Illinois Computer Engineering Now at grad school : Carnegie Mellon computer stud  
Logan, Steve Indiana University Econ/Business Lehman Brothers
Internal Consulting
New York, NY
Lovelady, David Jackson State University '97 "Been working for Schering-Plough Pharmaceuticals since 2000 as the neighborhood friendly drug rep. Currently residing in St. Louis, where you will find me with no children and no wife!" 8/16/02
Lowrey, Norm University of Illinois, UCSC Grad. Physics, and back to University of Illinois. 8/1/00
Maddox, Jessica BA in biology from Midway College, KY, MA in adult edu from Tusculum College, TN Women's Soccer Coach, University of South Dakota (photo) 12/14/00
Madison, Jamie Marquette , Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineer in Chicago area  
Marcy, Lori   "studying Geochemistry....working for Charles Robbins Realtors doing commercial property management.spent some time in China studying" 12/7/01
Marshal, Lindsey University of Illinois        
Marvin, Carrie Arizona/England attending ISU majoring in Integrated Manufacturing Systems 7/02
Mathur, Amit University of Illinois UNIX SysAdmin
Palo Alto, CA
Married (photos) 4/19/01
May, Charles University of Illinois in Springfield '99, BA in history "For the past year and a half I have been working at of all places Deja Vu in Springfield." "My managerial talents have been recognized and rewarded with a promotion. Effective Friday, June 14 I will be the general manager of the brand new love boutique that will be part of the Larry Flynt Hustler Club compound opening in the St Louis Metro area." 6/14/02
McDaniel, Sera Millikin University '97        
Metnick, David (Dave) U of Arizona 9/02
Minnis, Joshua University of Illinois        
Mosoiu, Alex   "Alex Mosoiu is living in, um, Milwaukee I think? and I forget what all he's doing with himself, but he's married with two kids." -- Nick Hall     2/03
Myers, Leah   "Leah's in her next to last year of law school at Georgetown" 5/14/02
Nandi, Papia University of Illinois "working on a PhD in Geophysics at the University of Wyoming" 09/04
Nelson, John Millikin University '98 Westaff Staffing International Karate Athlete, Pan AM Games qualifier, USKK National Champion 5/2/02
Nolan, Chris University of Illinois        
Noll, Conrad University of Illinois Law School Prosecutor, Sangamon County 10/5/00
Olin, Layla "I moved to Oregon after completing my BA, and I'm working on a Ph.D. in Medieval Literature at the University of Oregon"   "married to Erik Schubert since 7/00" 2/14/02
Olson, Chandra Bradley University, Peoria, IL Living in New York 5/03
Page, Mary   Microchips in San Jose, CA (6/00)      
Phillips, Cory High-Tech PR Associate in Saint Louis (6/00) 10/25/00
Pyle, Courtney (now Yamada) Illinois Wesleyan University / M.S. in physical therapy at the U. of Osteopathic Medicine and Health Sciences in Des Moines, IA. Work as an outpatient PT at OSF St. James Hospital in Pontiac, IL Married to our very own Brian Yamada (in 1998)! 10/15/01
Ramsay, Jason   Dana Point, CA (SoCal)     10/25/00
Raynolds, Beth   Pharmecutical company in Chicago      
Raynolds, Kristin University of Illinois Denver, CO 10/6/00
Roberts, Mark O III EIU, & Nova Southeastern University (FL) - MBA Founder of Beads on Parade; Technology Analyst Andersen Consulting
in Kansas City
The man got married! (and now has two kids also) 11/02
Robinson, Britt Millikin University '97   Married, with child, living in Texas   8/1/00
Saladino, Mike University of Illinois Microsoft Games
Software Engineer
Seattle, WA 12/02
Schmadeke, Dorothy (Krumin)     Married! Here are some photos.
"now is living in Charlotte, N.C. per her husband was transferred with his job" 2/25/02
Scott, Ben Millikin University '97
dental school in Alton, IL
  married Teresa Willard   8/1/00
Seibert, Julie (now Julie Keebler)   Livin' in Springfield Married
with cudly kid : Nov 9, 2000: Griffin Michael Keebler
Sevener, Sam MacMurray College   Has a daughter   7/14/00
Singer, Matthew University of Illinois "Matt Singer was, last I heard, planning on going to Duke for a masters" -- Andy Hall     2/03
Smith, Kyle University of Illinois        
Somani, Sheila   "Sheila's working in DC" 5/14/02
Straun, Jake   Workin' in Chicago      
Suchomski, Matt Washington University Psychology, English Trying to make it in the movie biz: NY  
Taylor, Brad     Bought house in Springfield, "Letting the Dogs out."   11/30/00
Todd, Ben Trinity College  
Volle, Greg Ol' Miss & Culinary School in Colorado     10/6/00
Walcher, Tami (now Moriconi)   "a medical supply company out of Virden, IL" "I had my first daughter, Alyssa Marie on Feb 6, 1999. Brandon Moriconi and I were married April 2000 and live in Auburn, IL. We now have another daughter Isabella Tori she was born June 19, 2001" 2/25/02
Wendler, Deanna Washington University,University of Illinois
Law School 9/02
Wilkerson, Cheryl (now Jones) BS Economics '97 Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, State Farm Insurance, Bloomington Systems Administrator Daughter, Brianna '99 5/8/01
Yamada, Brian Acct. Manager, Fox TV. Normal, IL Married to our very own Courtney Pyle (in 1998)! 10/15/01
Yazell, Tabitha Nursing School  

Josh's lawyer says: "This list was created by Joshua Jacobson. Mr. Jacobson takes no responsibility for any dirty and naughty things that might happen as a result of this list being made available. My client also takes no responsibility for any disasters that may occur if any of this information is just plain wrong."